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Everyday Use

Very often people will use 5 gallon jugs/​garrafons and pay to have them refilled with purified water. You would no longer need to drive somewhere to do this, since those commercial filling stations (or water delivery services) are using the same reverse osmosis process. If you currently pay for those services, over time not needing to use those services will pay for your On The Go RO system. Often those services cost over $1 per gallon ($7 for 5 gallons where I live), and so this system may pay for itself in less than 1 year, while the system is expected to last more than 10 years.

To make water from the faucet, you will want to purchase our faucet diverter valve, which includes 6 common faucet aerator thread couplers. If you have a 'fancy' kitchen faucet, often the bathroom faucet will work for you.

Additionally, using the included float switch feature makes filling your containers super convenient - no overflows or needing to monitor the progress.

Know for sure the water quality for your family by using On The Go RO!

Photo purifying water from faucet