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How is On The GO RO system better?

We specifically designed our system to provide the best quality water in virtually any scenario you might encounter.​ Even when compared to other portable reverse osmosis systems, On The Go RO has more features, and for a lower price.

Low power use - 110v 40w - solar ready

Even though our system includes a 75psi booster pump and UV sterilizer, it sill only uses 40watts power. This means you can easily add on a mini solar setup (100w panel & inverter) and run the system virtually anywhere.

Purifies virtually any water source

With the included fittings, you can create purified water from any household faucet or water hose. Additionally, the booster pump also means that you can draw up water from a stream, lake, river, etc. using our included double stainless steel screen no-plug hose end (water hose not included). Since we designed the system to use alternate/natural water sources, there is a 'flow-thru' valve you will open when using these less-clean water sources. This allows an additional amount of membrane flushing water, helping extend the life of the membrane.

Ultraviolet sterilizer (UV)

UV is almost never included with other RO systems since the .0001 micron membrane hole size very nearly eliminates all possible viruses, bacteria, etc. BUT, very nearly is not quite 100% fool proof. We included the UV to ensure that no matter what, you will 100% know that your water is safe.
Our traditional glass tube​ UV light (9,000 hour life) is contained in a stainless steel reaction chamber. Other systems that do include UV have almost ALL changed to LED UV, which is always in a plastic reaction chamber. We all know that UV degrades plastic, so this means all the micro-plastics your RO system removed is almost pointless since new micro-plastics will be added back to your final water by the design of using a plastic reaction chamber!

booster pump & Accumulator

Almost no RO systems come with a 75psi booster pump since almost all are designed for under-counter use only. A RO membrane is designed to work best​ at 75psi - very often residential water pressure is around 40-50 psi. Operating at lower pressures means your membrane will produce less water per hour/day. It also means the water flow across the membrane is less, causing the membrane to foul sooner.
The booster pump also means our system can draw water, so even if you have no water pressure, or are using natural water sources, our system will still operate and produce water at 75psi.
NO OTHER reverse osmosis system comes with a accumulator. This accumulator extends the lifespan of the membrane towards the end of it's life by preventing the pump and high pressure switch from going into a 'short cycle', which would cause the system to stop producing purified water even though it is running. The accumulator also extends the life of the pump since it will experience significantly less start/stop cycles over it's life.

fewer pre-filters = less waste & lower cost of operation

Most other commercial reverse osmosis systems try to make their system seem better by adding additional pre-filters. Adding often 2 additional (3+ total) carbon block/charcoal filters, which effectively does nothing more than one carbon block filter. 
Our system uses an integrated 5 micron sediment and carbon block in one filter, reducing the cost of ongoing use, and reducing unnecessary waste. If you expect to routinely use our system on natural water sources, we do suggest you add on a 5 micron pre-filter as this is more cost effective to replace than the integrated filter.
Many other systems also use proprietary sized & shape membranes and filters, meaning you are limited to purchasing replacements from them only, often at ​exorbitant prices. Our system uses industry-standard sized membranes and filters so that you can readily source replacements anywhere. We have seen proprietary RO membranes cost $150 each, while the industry standard one we use costs around $20 on Amazon.

Additional features no other ro system has
  • Indicator LED lights for both the pre-filter and the membrane to indicate end of life. Other RO systems just tell you to replace ever X months, creating unnecessary cost and waste.
  • Float switch feature allows you to fill containers while unmonitored. Will automatically shut off and beep when the container is full. No other RO system offers this very convenient feature.
  • Installed accumulator extends membranes useful life and extends the pump life by significantly reducing the number of start/stop cycles.
  • Membrane purge valve - allows for full pressure (75psi) water across the membrane to clean it, extending it's useful life and increasing output water.
  • Flow-thru valve - allows you to open when using natural water sources which increases the membrane cleaning water flow extending the membrane useful life.