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Remote & Emergency Use

Our On The Go RO system has very small power requirements - 110vac < 20 watts. This means you can also use a 100watt solar panel or 12v battery with a small inverter (sold separately) to power the unit.

Often in emergencies, you will need to fill jugs with water. One very handy feature of our system is our included float switch. You simply hang the float switch on the containers top lip, plug into the control panel, and turn on the switch for this feature. Once the container is full, a beeper will sound, and the system will stop making water. So you can fill up all your containers without needing to monitor their progress or rely on time guesstimates. 

The included float switch is plastic, but we do offer a upgraded stainless steel float switch.

Photo purifying water from stream Photo purifying water to jug

The On The Go RO system also includes a stainless steel suction pick up screen for use on natual water sources. You can draw water from almost any source, rivers, streams, lakes, etc.

Since natural water sources typically include significant contaminants, if you intend to use the system regularly on this type water source, we recommend you add onto our system an external 5 micron filter. This filter will remove a significant amout of the larger contaminants, and extend the life of the internal Sediment+CTO filter, saving you money since basic 5 micron filters are often just a few dollars each.

We have also built in special features to extend the RO membranes useful life when used with more contaminated water sources:
Our  Flow-thru valve when opened allows additional membrane cleaning water flow.
Our  Flush/purge valve when opened allows full pressure & volume water flow across the dirty side of the RO membrane, blasting out contaminants that have collected.